30-Day Listen to Liberate Challenge

Experience deepening your listening skills in 30 days with a global, virtual community

I invite you to join, for just 5 minutes a day minimum and together we will have a transformative experience in listening to liberate your own mind and that of others.

A minimum of 5 minutes a day for 30 days leads to creating a habit for lasting change.

Listening to Liberate is the ultimate level of listening to free your own mind to think well and to free the mind of others so they can tap into their own resourcefulness with new ideas and solutions for themselves. It goes beyond listening for information, listening with empathy to listening to generate the best in others.

Listening is the greatest gift we can give another and yet it is hugely underrated and a skill worth mastering. For when you do, you’ll become a better leader, parent, mentor, coach or team player.

Your investment of just £97.00 to become a better listener, leader, parent and mentor.

What others have said:

“My family are not only seeing a positive difference in me from my joining the 30-Day Listening to Liberate Challenge, but they are seeing some benefits themselves

“Listening to liberate has taught me how to clear my usually butterfly mind and focus on the words of another”

“Listening is a GIFT I can give to others and when I do it helps bring out the best in them and connect us more deeply.”

“Enjoyed our Listening Challenge Bonus Call today. Great opportunity to deepen my learning around listening, and get better acquainted with some wonderful people around the world.

“I can really feel the progress I am making with Learning to Listen more. It feels liberating to know that I am changing a part of me for the better, not just for me, but for the benefit of the people I interact with.”

“Sharing the Listening To Liberate Intention with my work team was a huge breakthrough! It led awareness of how we work as a team and much more productive meetings, which have continued since then!”

“I was part of the first ever “Listening to Liberate” challenge and alongside learning to be a better listener, the digital experience that the app offered was incredible. I loved how they used game and points theory and kept the participants connected the whole time. It was fun. I highly recommend it.”

How it works:

Sign up for the next 30-day practice which will take you about 5 minutes.

You will receive daily inspirations and activities which deepen your knowledge and skills and an invitation to practice listening to liberate the minds of others and your own. You are encouraged to share your wins and receive encouragement from the global community. You will receive points for everything you do in the Challenge and in doing so have the opportunity to win prizes from me upon completion.

In actively participating in this 30-Day challenge through daily practice and a community of support you will enhance your communication skills, deepen your relationships, have a positive impact on those around you, strengthen the leader within and save time!

Join us now for just £97.00