28-Day Challenge



Curated and Hosted by

Jane Adshead-Grant

Starts 5th June

28-Day Challenge



Curated and Hosted by

Jane Adshead-Grant

Starts Soon

You enjoy connecting with others in conversations at work or at home and consider yourself a good listener. Yet you find yourself distracted, uncomfortable with silence, rushing to assumptions, and easy to interrupt. Are you really practising listening? 

Imagine a culture where you felt listened to, free from judgement, everyday enabling you to feel safe, calm, respected, and appreciated? Imagine having deeper connections, improved communication, and stronger relationships? This is the world I imagine and we can all generate that through our capacity and capability to listen first.

When two or more human beings choose to listen in equal turns, we deepen our relationship, we generate possibilities that we thought impossible and we accomplish results unlike before. When we listen, we show how much we care. When people feel cared for, they contribute the best of themselves. 

Invest 5 min x 28 days


Starts Soon

Your Investment £97


Before the programme, I did not give my full attention and allowed myself to be distracted regularly, especially with technology. It’s been a great experience because I’ve been able to remove distractions more often and give my full attention more consistently. My improvements include more empathy, greater understanding, and more acceptance.

      I would rush to join in the conversation with someone as I was keen to help or to move the discussion along. I have learned the negative impact interruptions have both physically and psychologically. As a result of the programme, I’m feeling calmer, more relaxed, and capable of giving the listener space to think.

      I often didn’t listen to my own inner wisdom or guidance. I have learned to grant myself space to think and reflect. It feels liberating to consider listening as an art and a gift rather than an activity.

      I thought I was a pretty good listener, but this was not something I did well consistently. So I wanted to learn more. The value I received from the Listening to Liberate programme was a much greater awareness and appreciation for the power of generative listening in liberating the mind of another. I now feel more capable at intentionally listening with empathy and curiosity – without distraction. I’m learning more about myself and others thanks to deeper connections. Plus I’m creating more trust and building stronger relationships through generative listening.


If you want to enhance your communication skills, deepen your relationships, have a positive impact on those around you, generate more trust, and feel calmer and more connected, then this app is designed for you!

Applying the skills from this programme will enhance your interactions with others, enabling you to have conversations you never thought you would!

Invest 5 minutes a day to develop generative listening skills! I invite you to join the 28-Day Listening To Liberate Challenge.


More self-awareness

Improved communication skills at work and at home

Higher performance and self-confidence

Greater self-compassion

Calmer mind

Strengthened interested in others

Deeper connection with Self and others

Enhanced relationships at work and at home

Higher engagement with team members


You’ll be practising relevant skills that are easy to apply in everyday life.

The Listening To Liberate Challenge is a user-driven, self-paced app accessible via mobile phone as well as your computer. It’s powered by applicable neuroscience, positive psychology, and human connection.

It comes with personal coaching that creates new possibilities for you as well as a supportive community of like-hearted individuals seeking to positively impact the world.

Everyone starts the programme at the same time. It’s designed to be both easy to follow, and instantly beneficial by supporting the consistent application of small changes to produce sustained change and habituate the skill of generative listening.

Invest 5 min x 28 days


Starts Soon

Your Investment  £97

100% Of Our App Users Agree That

…the app is easy to use.

…daily mini tasks make it easy to stay consistent.

…the Challenge was a positive influence in my life.


Jane Adshead-Grant

Hi, I’m Jane. I’m an executive coach, author, and speaker on the art and skills of Listening and Compassionate Leadership.

I believe that human beings are intelligent, resourceful and have the capacity to accomplish what we set out to in the presence of being listened to. I see the goodness in others and love to help them find their own resourcefulness to be the best of themselves and the leader within.

I imagine a world where we listen first enabling others to step up to and into their best selves. I believe that to listen is to care, to add value, to inspire, a skill worth mastering. To listen generatively is to liberate the mind rather than direct the mind.


I am a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Faculty member of Time to Think, an ambassador for Truly Human Leadership, a Mum of two grown-up girls. I am an author – Are you Listening or Just Waiting to Speak and The Listening Coach. I am a speaker on Why Listening is critical in Life and in Business and on Compassionate Leadership.

I have 35 years experience in people-focused roles in professional and financial services.

I listen, free of judgement and interruption. I practise what I teach, coach and mentor others in. I work in corporate clients, small businesses and in the community – teaching and coaching in leadership and listening.

I put my clients / delegates first. I consider their needs, their wants and create a safe environment for them to be themselves, rather than someone they think I want them to be.

You matter. I seek to enable you to discover more for yourself and about yourself to accomplish what you set out to. I communicate clearly, inspire others to be themselves, provide a mindset, a skill set and way of being that impacts your life and the life of others for the good of all.


As I work in the Social Innovation ecosystem, I have looked for a course that aligns with my mission to provide experiences and a space for people to flourish as autonomous, powerful, creative and impactful people. I have found it in the Thinking Environment. Jane delivered a superb Time To Think Coaching Course. She provided a space full of grace, gave us her supportive presence and wisdom. A stunning and impactful experience. Warmly recommended!

– Servane Mouazan, Social Entrepreneur and Executive Coach

Jane’s coaching was the right balance of challenge and support – there were times that I needed more direction and suggestions and Jane was happy take the role if I asked. She gave me space to think and reflect and celebrated with me when I had a light bulb moment! I also like the way our sessions ended with an appreciation and the connections and shared materials between each session. Thank you so much for helping me realise and become the People Leader I knew I could be.

– Anita Sanderman, Head of HR Services at Deloitte

It would take a long time to explain the actual process but in short, I would say that the Time to Think Coaching Course taught me to truly listen, improve my relationships, become a better person and live a happier, more liberated and insightful life. Of all the coach trainings I have done this one has been by far the most impactful. Jane is an amazing woman and teacher with so much wisdom, humility and grace. It has been a true privilege to have her as a teacher all through my Time to Think training, through which I have become a far better coach, wife and mother. A better human being! Thank you Jane.

– Louise Sydback, Confidence & Fulfullment Coach



The 28-day Challenge includes an array of self-reflective mini-tasks centered around the science of building productive habits.
It’s a learn-by-doing model that encourages you to reflect on your practices and daily progress.
You will access the programme at your own time and play along at your personal comfort levels.


Get inspired by others like you! Participants reveal the creative ways with which they are learning and growing.
Social interactions and shared acknowledgements keep it fun and motivating to stay engaged.


The tuition is £97
Contact Me for team admission or a private challenge for your teams, business, or organization.


Yes, absolutely. A Challenge is a fantastic way to upskill your staff in a fun and meaningful way, plus strengthen community connections and your culture.
Email Me and we can chat about setting up a private Challenge for your team(s)!


You get a 10-day money-back guarantee from the start date of the Challenge. If in this time you decide it’s not for you, just Email Me your refund request and I’ll issue you a full refund.

Deepen Relationships And Add More Value

5 minutes invested in mastering the skill of generative listening consistently over time will produce exponential returns for you – guaranteed!


If you are not satisfied with your results I’m happy to provide you with a full refund.