“I think this book is hugely important. It is wonderfully and uniquely focused, like a laser on this central and crucial aspect of leadership and professional work. Best of all, your message is indelible because it is not diluted and because you combine principles and ideas with the most practical, implementable actions. And so your book can truly change the way people behave and think. I am so glad you have produced this for the world!”
– Nancy Kline
Best Selling Author and President of Time to Think

Jane’s book is a clear and pragmatic guide and toolkit for leaders and managers at work and, well, just about anyone who wants to communicate and influence more effectively! It is full of intelligent perspectives on listening and its principles, challenges and benefits, highlighting the importance and impact of good quality listening, recognising the challenges and pitfalls into which we can all too easily fall – and what to focus on to make a difference for others, and yourself. Jane brings great warmth and huge experience to the subject, bringing it alive with examples and connections to everyday life. Read this and you may enter a whole new world of rich information and understanding that you never knew existed while you were just waiting for the opportunity to say what you already knew.
– Adrian Goodall
Executive Coach