Global Everyday Listening Community

A dynamic community of like-hearted human beings encouraging each other for mutual learning, listening and personal growth.

Are we the right Community for you?

We are a global community of like-hearted, open-minded human beings who recognise the impact of listening and desire to listen well everyday. 

Listening to ourselves, to liberate our own thinking and listening to others to liberate theirs so they can step into and up to who they are meant to be.

You may have completed the 30-Day Listening to Liberate Challenge, attended one of my training programmes, workshops or events and want to keep learning, deepen your listening skills, stay connected with others on their listening journey and shift towards a new way of being – where we listen first.

Your Belonging

Monthly connection to deepen our listening – live online via Zoom on the first Thursday of the month at 17.00 BST/GMT

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Being part of this community is to respect each other as a human being. To respect our different perspectives, social context, work and life experiences adding a richness to our reality. This is a community offering a safe space in which to belong. We agree to acknowledge, be kind and respect personal boundaries of each other.


Being part of this community is an opportunity for our personal growth. Developing our skills of listening, overcoming some of the challenges and creating a positive impact on the lives of others. We agree to hold an open mindset, with an eagerness to learn and willingness to adapt.



Being part of this community is to be grateful. Recognising that we have much to be grateful for and practising gratitude strengths us, reveals possibilities and creates opportunities. We seek to bring lightness and sense of fun in being together. We agree to notice the goodness in others, ourselves and the world and saying so.