Let’s stay connected!

Let’s Stay Connected!


You’ve just completed or previously participated in the Listening to Liberate or Listening to Lead Programme, and now you’re wondering, what’s next? 

Or you are keen to learn more to improve your listening, enhance your communication skills and deepen your relationships through trust and respect with other like-hearted individuals.

I invite you to join the Global Everyday Listening Community! 

It’s a forum for us to be connected, to encourage, support and strengthen each other in our personal growth by being in community.

Imagine a culture where people in your life felt listened to, free from judgement and interruption. Where they feel invited to share and contribute. An environment where you make people feel safe, calm, respected, and appreciated for who they are as well as what they do. 

You have the power to create that culture through your capacity and capability, by listening intentionally. So come and join us!



Share your successes, meaningful moments and ask questions, get inspired and create new friendships in this members-only community.


Join me LIVE online for monthly 60-minute meetups and training sessions where we exchange stories and refine our listening practice.


Receive 50% OFF for upcoming 21-Day Listening to Lead and 28-Day Listening to Liberate programmes (priced at £97pp).

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Let Me Tell You A Little More

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MEET YOUR HOST: Jane Adshead-Grant

I invite you to join our Global Everyday Listening Community. 

I believe that as human beings we are intelligent, resourceful and have the capacity to accomplish what we set out to in the presence of being listened to. I see the goodness in others and love to help them find their own resourcefulness to be the best of themselves and the leader within.

I imagine a world where we listen first enabling others to step up to and into their best selves.

I believe that to listen is to care, to add value, to inspire, and is a skill worth mastering. 

To listen generatively is to liberate the mind rather than direct the mind.

I invite you to join our Global Everyday Listening Community and deepen your listening practice with us.

I’m an executive coach, author, and speaker on the art and skills of Listening and Compassionate Leadership. And I’m a Mum of two grown up daughters now studying and living away from home at University. 




Being part of this community is to respect each other as a human being. To respect our different perspectives, social context, work and life experiences adding a richness to our reality. This is a community offering a safe space in which to belong. We agree to acknowledge, be kind and respect personal boundaries of each other.


Being part of this community is an opportunity for our personal growth. Developing our skills of listening, overcoming some of the challenges and creating a positive impact on the lives of others. We agree to hold an open mindset, with an eagerness to learn and willingness to adapt.


Being part of this community is to be grateful. Recognising that we have much to be grateful for and practising gratitude strengths us, reveals possibilities and creates opportunities. We seek to bring lightness and sense of fun in being together. We agree to notice the goodness in others, ourselves and the world and saying so.



How do I know it's for me?

You have an interest in people. You are a learner. You want to deepen your communication, listening and relationships.

What is the most valuable part of this membership?

Being in a global community with different cultures, experience listening to and being listened to and feel encouraged knowing that you matter.

What’s my commitment? How much time do I need to invest every month?

As much time as you want with a minimum of 1 hour a month to ensure you receive the valuable content and support from the community.

What times are the live sessions?

17.00 UK time, first Thursday of the month.

What if I can't attend the live sessions?

Training sessions will be recorded and posted in the Guidance Garden.

Do you offer any refunds?

No refunds available, however you can cancel your membership anytime.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time.

If you still have any questions or want to book a call with me, simply, please reach out VIA EMAIL or message me via LinkedIn