The Listening Deck

A fun and meaningful way to develop and deepen your listening skills with your team, family and friends
with this deck of 30 coaching cards


When was the last time you considered becoming a better listener?

I don’t simply mean in response to someone saying to you ‘please just listen!’ or ‘you are not listening!’
But deciding to develop your listening skills so that you:

. . .deepen your relationships

. . .enhance your communication

. . .develop stronger connections

. . .encourage others in their own resourcefulness

. . .make better decisions

The Listening Deck will enable you to do all of that.

You can use them alone or use them with groups – your team, family and friends.

You can use them for yourself or in coaching others.

The Listening Deck helps guide meaningful exploration, discussion and understanding of the different levels of listening, key skills of listening, our listening biases, principles to overcome the biases and the different contexts where we listen.

The Listening Deck Purchase Options


Card Deck

Grab a pack of The Listening Deck and explore with fun and meaning.

With your deck (30 cards) you can download your free guide of 10 Activities to use your Listening Deck cards. Use these ideas or make up your own!

Available in two sizes: poker card size and larger A7. Prices start from £23.00 includes postage and packaging.


Listening Skills Workshop

If you’d like for me to run Listening Skills workshop with your team or group – virtual or in person, I’d love to.

You’ll experience a ½ day workshop that is fun and meaningful and a pack of cards for each person to use in the session and take away with them.

£2,500 for up to 12 people